If you are Singaporean, it’s time to start planning a nice long vacation, or even short-term work in Australia.

From 2018, Singaporeans travelling to Australia can apply for a new visa which allows them to enter the country for up to three months at a time, over a six-year period. This was announced by Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on the first of his three-day visit to Singapore on 2 June 2017. The two new travel schemes aim to encourage Singaporeans to spend more time Down Under.

Long-term visa

“Exclusive” to Singaporeans, this new long-term, multiple-entry visa will be available from 1 January 2018. The visa, officially known as the Visitor (Subclass 600) visa, will allow Singaporeans to make multiple visits to Australia and stay in the country for up to three months at a time over a six-year period.

Work and Holiday Maker programme

The Work and Holiday Maker programme is more interesting though. This programme allows young people from Australia and Singapore to undertake short-term work or study from 1 August 2017. However, only 500 places are available to citizens of each country.

Details of the new travel schemes to Australia will be made available at the Australian Visa Application Centre’s website.

Given that more than 230,000 Singaporeans were granted visitor visas to Australia last year, an increase of 16 per cent from the previous year, I think both schemes would be welcome by Singaporeans and should see a good response. I, for one, cannot wait to continue my exploration of the land Down Under.



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