Returned slightly more than a week ago from my family vacation to Hong Kong, and gosh, took me nearly a whole week to recover!  Notwithstanding the tiredness, I’ve learnt a number of things (about myself and life in general) from the trip:

  1. Traveling with 1 kid – easy peasy.
  2. Traveling with 2 kids – manageable.
  3. Traveling with 3 kids – OMG! Please kill me.

In addition, don’t be too ambitious in the travel plan. While I had scaled it down, taking into account the challenges of traveling with 3 kids, I realized it isn’t enough. Less is truly more.  I had to make changes on the fly to ensure that the plan remains realistic and achievable. That brings me to my last learning: don’t be afraid to make challenges. Yes, I did miss out on some of the attractions and things that I would like to do, but compared to keeping me sane and ensuring that the trip remains enjoyable, it’s a small prize to pay.  All said, would I do it (traveling with 3 kids) again? Definitely yes as it’s extremely satisfying to see the smile on your children’s face when they have enjoyed the holiday. Plus, it’s a good (but tough) way to learn about parenting when pushed out of your comfort zone.

More posts to come…


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