While planning for my family Hong Kong trip, I was invited to try out an online shopping portal, ShopBack. ShopBack offers cashback rewards when we shop online through their website, resulting in a substantial discount on top of what the original websites are offering. As it turns out, purchasing through them can be quite a good deal!

How it works?

As I am generally sceptical of free money (TANSTAAFL), I took some time to understand how their system works. To put it simply, ShopBack is sharing a portion of their income from merchant referrals with the consumers who booked through them, creating a win-win situation for everyone. It isn’t that much different from the cashback mechanism used by some of our credit card companies to encourage you to use them. The video on their site explains how it works:

Note: If you successfully refer 5 friends to sign up and shop from their website, you can earn up to S$120! Please use my referral link to receive $5 when you sign up, and then another $5 when you make your first purchase. You win I win!

Online Shopping

For travel, it is possible to save on bookings with Expedia promo codes and cashback or using Booking.com promo codes for hotel bookings. It is even possible to earn cashback on our preferred carrier, Singapore Airlines. If you are planning for your next holiday, do check out their deals here before you make your purchases.


ShopBack’s concept is simple and easy. More importantly, it provides me with some savings via information about discount codes and promotions, which can be put to good use (like shopping in Hong Kong)! So be sure to check out the all the best deals they have before you start shopping. Who doesn’t like the idea of a good deal?


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